Newport Calisthenics Club was established in 1932 and operated out of Mason Street in Newport where we still have some classes.

Newport has a strong participant base of over 70 families who attend the club, some across multiple generations. We are a competitive club and each section attends approximately 4 competitions each year.

Operating under a code of conduct for all members, the club is guided by the framework of the Australian Calisthenics Federation. These guidelines exist to ensure that everyone at the club has an enjoyable experience whether they are a participant, parent or coach.

Our club is run by a voluntary committee which is made up of members of the club. Any matters of concern should be directed the committee to address at their monthly meetings. The committee can be contacted via the enquiries form on the ‘Contact Us’ page.

The Committee for 2019 is made up of:

President – Maryaum Conti

Vice-President – Cori Broome

Secretary – Erin Mollison

Treasurer – Joanne Drossos

General Committee – Maddy Allen, Emily Drossos, Gayle Ekonomou, Gemma Fleming, Fay Malelis, Terry Metcalf, Samantha Vickers